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New Podcast Coming Soon!

Don’t worry Money Matters isn’t going away! You’ll still be able to find the latest Money Matters episodes here.
Starting soon, this page will host our brand-new podcast, Retire Sooner with Wes Moss. On Retire Sooner, Wes will share the financial and retirement lifestyle secrets he’s discovered from the happiest retirees. Learn more about the new podcast and follow our social links below.

As a seasoned finance professional, best-selling author, broadcaster, and teacher, Wes has done extensive research on the habits of the happiest retirees. On this podcast, Wes shares key lifestyle and money habits you can implement now to prepare for a secure future while not depriving yourself of happiness in the present. In addition to leveraging his 20+ years of knowledge as an investment advisor, Wes brings in guests and specialists to teach you how to set and work towards your financial and lifestyle objectives.

Refreshingly-free of mind-numbing financial jargon and unrealistic money goals, Retire Sooner with Wes Moss gives listeners the tools on how to retire sooner in the real world.

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