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Move over Seacrest, Yours truly gets ready to host a new TV show about the business of technology

If you are a fan of this blog or my Money Matters radio show, you know I believe in diversified investment portfolios. The fact is, diversity is almost always a good strategy. The more options you have, the better. That ‘s one reason I’m adding a TV show to my list of media endeavors. On Sunday I started hosting a new program on 11 Alive called Atlanta Tech Edge. As the name suggests, the show spotlights Georgia’s rapidly growing technology sector. Not as thrilling as American Idol, you say? On the contrary, I think it’s much more exciting.

Technology-related business holds the key to the future of the American economy. If Georgia is going to benefit from this reality,we all need to understand, embrace and nurture the local tech boom. Atlanta Tech Edge is designed to help us do all three of those things.

Each week, we highlight Atlanta’s coolest and most impactful technology companies and the people behind them. You may be surprised at the considerable role technology already plays in ourstate’s economy. More than 13,000 Georgia technology companies employ more than 250,000 technologists with degrees from some of the top technology schools in the nation, including Georgia Tech, Emory and Georgia State. The technology industry led the state’s employment recovery by generating nearly 16,000 jobs over the past two years – 20% of ALL new jobs created in the past two years.

Some of the stories we cover on Atlanta Tech Edge will blow your mind. Many will inspire you to persevere in your own journey of creation and entrepreneurship. I hope you’ll join us (or DVR us)every Sunday at 11am on 11 Alive, your NBC station.

And yes! I will continue to host Money Matters every Sunday morning LIVE on 95.5 FM and AM 750 News/Talk WSB Radio. My first love is covering investments and personal finance. I am a finance geek and proud of it. But I can’t ignore all the exciting business and technology stories that are happening right before our eyes. Neither should you!

We may not be launching the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, but we will be spotlighting tech idols who are, in their way, just as talented.

Check out the video trailer: Follow us on Twitter: @ATLTechEdge and Facebook at Atlanta Tech Edge

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