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10 Habits Of The Happiest Couples

In the craziness of everyday life, it’s scary how easy it is to drift a bit (or a lot) from our significant other – to take that all-important relationship for granted as we juggle the demands of career and kids.  I know I’ve been guilty of losing perspective in the midst of raising four children and helping to grow a business.

Women’s Health is out with a great list of ten small ways to stay connected to your partner.  These are simple, thoughtful (and free) ways to express affection and foster the communication necessary to a strong and healthy relationship.

  1. Have rituals – Do something together. Sip coffee in bed and discuss the day ahead, or do the weekly food shopping together.
  2. Compliment each other – Sincerely and regularly.
  3. Hold each other – The human touch is powerful.
  4. Kiss goodbye – Always.
  5. Pillow talk – The best conversation often happens when both of you are relaxed.
  6. Say thanks – Expressing gratitude will make both you feel better.
  7. Spoil each other – Do the kind of stuff you did back when you were a smitten suitor.
  8. Be happy to see each other – You are, right? Show it.
  9. Take walks – It’s a chance to relax and talk – or just be alone together.
  10. Text sweet things – A loving note is the perfect pick-me-up any time of day.

Of course, you don’t have to do all of these things every day.  And the list might spark some ideas of your own.   It doesn’t matter what you do for/with your significant other so long as you make a daily effort to stay connected.  It’s well worth it!

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