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10 Habits That Can Transform Your Life

When it comes to running my life, I’m like a NASCAR team – always looking for that one tweak that will incrementally improve my performance. Inc. recently carried a wide-ranging list of such tricks, many of which I’ve already implemented on Team Wes. Try a few and see if they don’t ease your way around the speedway of life.

Forget about “How” — Too many great ideas and bold initiatives wither and die while we obsess on how we are going to execute them. To quote the great philosopher Nike, “Just do it.” Once you’ve decided on a goal, whether starting a business or running your first triathlon, keep moving ahead. The “how” will make itself known.

Buy clothes that fit — Guys. Seriously. Appearance matters. If you are wearing an ill-fitting shirt, pants that hang off your butt, and a tie from 1987, you are telling the world that you can’t dress yourself. That’s hardly an endorsement of your competency. Besides, clothes that fit just feel better. Did you know you can buy custom-made clothes for about what you’d pay off the rack at the mall?

Look into it.

Meditate – Or pray. Or simply slow down and quietly observe what’s happening around you. There is mounting evidence that such “mindfulness” activities, which are designed to quiet our minds and bring our focus to the present moment, offer both mental and physical benefits, including stress reduction.

Use a stand-up desk – I love my Rebel Desk, which combines a desk and treadmill. I’m seeing real benefit from moving around during my workday.

Rein-in the electronic devices – I’m addicted to my phone and iPad, I admit it. But I honestly believe that careful use of mobile tech is a net positive for my family and company, as it allows me to make the most of my work time, freeing me up to focus on family at home. My wife and I struggle with how to manage our kids’ use of electronics. I worry that having multiple devices is hurting my children’s social development by allowing them to go their own ways instead of having to agree amongst the group what to watch on TV or what video game to play.

Set an early start – Many highly successful people get up as early as three hours before work. While it’s tough to roll out with the rooster, I’ve always found it rewarding. Before we had a new baby in the house, I was at exercise boot camp 5:30am, getting one of my toughest tasks out of the way first thing.

Read every day – Reading fuels my creativity and sparks new ideas. If you don’t like to read, try listening to audio books or podcasts or watching Ted Talk videos. The idea is to consume some substantive, useful new information every day

Live in a different city – Do this at least once in your life. It will broaden your horizons and change you forever. I lived in Spain for six months and I still draw on my experiences from that time.

Write – This is a powerful way to connect with the world, and yourself. I’ve written three books and countless blog posts and columns all driven by my passion for teaching people how to live their best financial life.

Be open and vulnerable – The day of the strong, silent (or scripted) type is over. People are looking for authenticity in all their relationships, both personal and professional. Share more than your strength; share your hopes, fears and dreams.

This example of me sharing in a way that would make John Wayne cringe has proven wildly popular with my friends and business associates.

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