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An 110-Year-Old Says This Beer May Be The Reason She’s Still Alive

What’s the secret to living a long life? Exercise? Eating well?

Maybe it’s beer. And a shot.

An 110-year-old New Jersey woman credits her daily beer drinking and a strong belief in God, with getting her well past the century mark. For decades, Agnes Fenton of Englewood, New Jersey drank three Miller High Life beers every day. She later added a glass of Johnny Walker whiskey to the mix.

And here’s the best part. Her doctor suggested Fenton’s boozy regimen! She says after a check-up some 70 years ago, her physician told her she was in great health and offered just one piece of advice, “Agnes, you must drink three Miller High Lifes a day.”

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Alas, she was recently forced by her caregivers to give up alcohol because she eats so little food.

agnes-fentonPhoto Courtesy Of New York Daily News

Fenton is a true marvel. Fewer than one in 10 million people reach her age. She is still mentally sharp. Fenton reads the newspaper and listens to radio news every day. Her current doctors are at a loss to explain her longevity and her good health.

But Fenton seems to know the real secret. And it’s not the beer. She is a woman of deep faith, who prays regularly and remains connected to her church in Harlem.

“You’ve got to have God in your life,” Fenton told a local newspaper. “Without God, you’ve got nothing.”

That’s wisdom for the ages.

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