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12 Cutting-Edge Motorcycles For The Daring

Tis the season for making Christmas wishes – and finding gifts for the man/woman who seems to have everything. If you or that special someone loves speed, thrills and cutting edge design, here’s a gift idea – a motorcycle. Not just any old bike, but one of these 12 cutting edge two-wheelers. These ain’t your dad’s Harley, for sure!
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Lotus C-01 – This futuristic bike was designed by the same guy who created the “light cycles” for the movie “Tron: Legacy.” It’s made of titanium, carbon fiber and aerospace grade steel and cranks out 200hp. The C-01 is all your for about $139,000.

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Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter. That’s a lot of name for a lot of bike. The all-aluminum monster is made by hand.  Only 17 of the planned 61 copies are still available.  If you’re interested better send off that check for $125,000 today!

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Goldhammer ExperiMental. This fusion of dirt bike and road racer was created as an entry on the Discovery Channel show “Biker Build-off,” where it won the competition.

It’s bargain priced at $450,000.

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Ducati Draxter. This concept bike blends the best of Ducati’s XDiavel cruiser and Panigale Superbike. The “90” commemorates the company’s 90th anniversary.

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Teraoka Nobuyuki. This is one of 47 designs from Ronin Motor Works based on Japanese folklore. The bike is based on Harley-Davidson’s discontinued Buell 1125. The engineering is cutting edge, as is the design and paint job, which portrays the story of a famous ronin, or freelance samurai.

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Quantum Leap. This futuristic motorcycle is built in Greensboro, North Carolina. It features numerous handmade parts and an unusual rear-wheel steering system.

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Bell&Ross B-Rocket. This concept bike was commissioned by watchmaker Bell & Ross to celebrate the early days of space exploration. The one-of-a-kind motorcycle is based on a Harley-Davidson FSX Softail Blackline. You can’t buy the bike, but you can buy one of two collectors item Bell & Ross watches based on the B-Rocket design.

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Bandit 9 AVA. It looks like it came from outer space, but the Bandit 9 AVA is built in Vietnam and based on the 1967 Honda Supersport. The company plans to build just 9 of the bikes and only as they are ordered.

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The Gatsby. Designer Paul Yang says he chose the Gatsby name because it reflected the 1920s, a time of excess and eccentricity. This custom two-wheeler was built for a private collector.

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Chicara Art 01. As a teenager designer Chicara Nagata nearly died in a motorcycle accident. Thus began a life-long obsession with the two-wheeled speed machines. He typically uses a vintage engine and gearbox and surrounds them with custom parts, many of which he hand crafts.  This art-bike has been valued at $384,000.

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Carl Brouhard Roadster. This 2008 beauty is a souped-up Harley Davidson. It took 18 months to build and sold to a private collector for $175,000.

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The 9/11 Memorial Bike. ‘American Chopper” star Paul Teutal, Jr. built this stunning motorcycle as a tribute to those who died in the September 11 terror attacks. The frame echoes the 9/11 memorial and the forks look like girders.

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