This 14-year-old hosted a prom to celebrate her life. When you hear why… wow.

Jerika Bolen, a 14-year-old girl suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, recently hosted a dance to celebrate her life. She put on a prom dress and opened the event to the public. After having the event featured in the local news, she had a spectacular turnout.

It was a bitter-sweet event because as Jerika said, “This prom is, well, we call it my last dance.”

Due to the constant pain she suffers and the fact that she’s survived this incurable disease longer than most other people who have it, Jerika has decided to end her life in August. Jerika’s disease has left her unable to move most of her body, and she has been in a wheelchair as long as she can remember.

Her mother, Jen Bolen, said that the decision to die had been discussed for several years and that she knew it was coming. “She fought much longer than she would have if it weren’t for her trying to protect me,” Jen Bolen said.

Jerika Bolen chose to host a prom because of her love of music. She certainly looked beautiful as the prom queen of the dance she hosted to celebrate her life.

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