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19 Business Podcasts Every Professional Should Listen To

Are you a multi-tasker? Always looking to squeeze something more into your hour/day? Always hungry for new information? I can totally relate. I sometimes feel like I’m wasting time walking from the parking lot to my office!

Podcasts are a gift to people like us. These on-demand audio programs allow us to learn while we – well, whatever – workout, drive, eat lunch, wait in line at the DMV.

I subscribe to several podcasts, which download automatically to my phone. When I have a few minutes, I hit “play” and soak up some knowledge.

If you are unfamiliar with podcasting, here’s a great article that will help you access this hot new medium.

I’m such a big fan of podcasting that I have my own. The Money Matters podcast contains material from my weekly radio show.

The biggest challenge with podcasting is finding the best ones for you. There are literally thousands and thousands of podcasts available, and there is no central directory like the TV listings. You just have to poke around the internet, ask friends what they like, and look for recommendations from sources you trust.

Here’s a great list of business podcasts for entrepreneurs and business people, courtesy of Inc. magazine. Load up your phone and get ready to expand your mind through your ears!


1. Entrepreneur on Fire (John Lee Dumas)

2. The Entrepreneur’s Radio Show (Travis Jenkins)

3. Eventual Millionaire (Jaime Tardy)

4. StartUp (Alex Blumberg)

5. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (Stanford University)


6. Marketing Over Coffee (Chris Penn and John Wall)

7. Six Pixels of Separation (Mitch Joel)

8. Marketing Smarts (Kerry O’Shea Gorgone)

9. Social Media Marketing (Michael Stelzner)


10. Duct Tape Marketing (John Jantsch)

11. The Salesman Podcast (Will Barron)

12. The Sales Podcast (Wes Schaeffer)

13. The Advanced Selling Podcast (Bill Caskey and Brian Neale)


14. HBR IdeaCast (Sarah Green)

15. 350 Third (Anders Brownworth and Scott Barstow)

16. Breaking Down Your Business (Brad Farris and Jill Salzman)

17. Small Business Unstuck (Barry Moltz)

18. The $100 MBA Show (Omar Zenhom)

19. TEDTalks Business

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