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4 Ways You Can Model The Success Of The Wealthiest Millionaires

Remember comedian Steve Martin’s advice on how to become a millionaire? “First, get a million dollars.”

In recent years all sorts of studies and experts have emerged with endless theories on what makes millionaires different from you and me – and how we can be more like the wealthiest Americans. The latest comes from wealth expert Tom Corley. (I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a “wealth expert.”)

According to Corley, the well-to-do have four habits that sound like they came right out of Ben Franklin’s “healthy, wealthy and wise” playbook. Those four traits are detailed in this video. Spoiler alert for night owls: Yes, this is yet another list that says you’re doomed to mediocrity because you don’t get up before the dawn. Silliness.

I don’t think Corley is suggesting these four traits alone will make you rich. It takes a lot more than a few good habits to amass great wealth. And there are surely lots of millionaires who don’t share all these behaviors. But this is still good advice for living, regardless of your income and objectives.

How many of these habits are part of your life?

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