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5 Innovative Camper Trailers You Can Order For Your Next Adventure

My father-in-law loves his camper trailer. If you ever meet him, think twice before asking about his fifth wheeler. You could be stuck for hours, including a cook’s tour of his palace on wheels. It turns out he’s not alone in his passion. Campers are once again hot, and cool.

Reasons for the renewed interest in campers abound. Compared to owning a boat, a camper is relatively low-maintenance. There’s no docking, waxing, or polishing required. Camper trailers also give more flexibility in where and when you can go. Want to hit the open road tomorrow? Planning a trip is a breeze; trailers are ready when you are. Just hop in, link up, plug in your GPS, and you’re on your way.

Today’s camper travel options range from add-on solutions, like vehicle rooftop tents and portable kitchens, to completely tricked-out RVs and vans. In between the two extremes lies the camper trailer, which offers a small, but efficient, home on the go. Designers and manufacturers of campers are keen to the current travel trend. New models aim at designs that give consumers the updates and creature comforts they crave.

Take a look below at some of the inventive new offerings in camper trailer travel.

tvan 1 tvan 2

tvan 3 tvan 4

1. Tvan Firetail by Track TrailerThis camper trailer features jet-black exterior color highlights so it looks sleek as it glides down the open road. Functional features include a slide-out kitchen with three-stove burner, a queen-size sleeping area, weatherproof awning, and an attachable tent for additional living space. Structurally, it comes with a Burly chassis and suspension and a five-year warranty. The price tag for the Tvan Firetail comes in at $57,900.

cricket 1 cricket 2 cricket 3 cricket 4

2. The Cricket by Taxa OutdoorsLightweight, the Cricket is only 1,450 pounds, which translates into easy towing. The camper trailer sleeps two adults and two children and includes integrated plumbing and 12-volt lighting throughout. For kitchen duty, the Cricket houses a covered sink, six kitchen cubbies, a fridge and freezer. Other amenities include a shower tent and swing windows with shade and mesh screens.  Currently, the cost for the model is $27,800.

air 3 air 4 air 1 air 2

3. AIR OPUSStylish in its simplicity, this pop-out tent inflates in 90 seconds. Features include double beds with inner privacy tents, leatherette seating, a kitchenette with stainless steel sink, a portable toilet, and skylights. The Air Tent System add-on, available for all OPUS trailers, comes in at $2,400.  OPUS trailers themselves range from $18,999 to $22,799.

sealander 1 sealander 2

4. The Sealander Amphibious in design, the Sealander is made of reinforced-fiberglass-laminate and features a folding convertible top. Inside, you’ll find a foldout table, seating for six that doubles as beds, and a stainless steel swim ladder. Available add-ons include a stove, sink, shower, toilet, LED lighting, and sound system. The price point on this one is about $16,700.

vistabule 1 vistabule 2 vistabule 3 vistabule 4
Photos Courtesy Of Vistabule

5. The Vistabule Teardrop TrailersLuxury abounds in this camper trailer that boasts large picture windows at the front and rear, door windows, and small portholes for light. Inside, a fold-up sofa transforms into bed whose headboard is used for storage. You’ll also find a collapsible center coffee table, drop-down nightstand, kitchenette with running water, and pull out two-burner stove. A Vistabule Teardrop Trailer will set you back somewhere between $18,000 to $27,000, depending on the customized amenities.

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