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6 Cozy Southern Porches For Your Next Dream Home

I love front porches. Here in the South, they are more than an architectural feature; they are a part of life and culture. Sitting on the porch sipping tea and chatting up the neighbors is one of our things. (Ever notice how often The Andy Griffith Show featured scenes on Andy’s porch?)

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My wife and I are currently designing a new home, so when I saw this article from Southern Living, I immediately shared it with her. Here some of my favorites:


Carolina Island House – The porches go on forever – 65-feet across the front of the house with three smaller porches at the ends! There’s something unique about this house that only a University of North Carolina grad (like me) would notice. The smaller porches look similar to The Old Well, a UNC landmark and symbol of the school.


Farm House Revival – I love the openness and easy access to these porches. They are perfect for greeting the neighbors and inviting up for a glass of lemonade.


Abberly Lane – Honestly, this homage to Southern plantation homes is unremarkable except for the amazing wraparound porch. Imagine the views if this home was set on the edge of the low country coastal marshes.


Aiken Street – The enclosed porch helps extend the living space in this smallish beach house. I love sitting on this kind of porch and watching a summer storm blow through.


Tucker Bayou – This house looks like it was plucked right out of Cajun country. I love the simplicity and a porch that’s just made for hanging out with family and friends.


Captain’s Watch — Second-floor porches are the best at the beach! The view and breezes are sublime. An upper floor outdoor area is also a cool look in neighborhoods where the house are otherwise very similar.

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Photos courtesy of Southern Living

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