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These 6 Luxurious Concept Cars Make The Future Of Driving Look Incredible

Concept cars are the auto industry’s artwork. The often-fanciful vehicles are designed to showcase developing design trends and technologies. While concept models are not sold to the public, elements of their design often show up in production vehicles.

Here are six new concept cars that may shape the future of performance vehicles, as detailed by The Robb Report.


Pininfarina H2 Speed – Hard to believe this is a zero-emissions vehicle. The H2 is powered by hydrogen fuel cells that can be recharged in just three minutes. On the performance side, it goes from zero to 62 in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of just over 184 mph.


Panoz DeltaWing GT — The DeltaWing’s tapered, lightweight, aerodynamic body is designed to boost fuel efficiency as automakers work to meet the government’s demand that cars average 54 mpg by 2025.


Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato – Look up “sexy car” in the dictionary and the Vanquish’s picture will be right there. This is the latest collaboration between the British carmaker and Milan, Italy’s Zagato design team. The car blends heritage elements, such as a nod to the “double bubble roof,” once needed to accommodate racing helmets; and the latest technologies, including lots of carbon fiber and a retractable spoiler to boost performance.


Faraday Future FFZERO1 – This all-electric car offers a glimpse of a truly different automotive future. It has motors at each wheel that combine to deliver 1,000 horsepower. It goes zero to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds with a top speed over 200 mph.

Drivers can wear a special helmet that offers protection against head and neck injuries while pumping in oxygen to boost alertness.


AM-RB 001 – Want a hybrid that’s a bit sexier than a Prius. Here’s your car. This collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull F1 racing remains cloaked in secrecy. One rumor says it will have a limited production run of just 99 vehicles.


Rolls-Royce Vision 100 – This self-driving car would use the latest artificial intelligence to act as both chauffeur and personal assistant. That’s good, because it’s not a particularly attractive car. Each one of these zero-emissions monstrosities would be hand-build to the buyer’s specifications.

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