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8 Jobs You Can Do To Make Money From Home

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a new retiree or a professional looking to bring in some extra cash, the benefits of part-time work-from-home position can’t be overstated. With flexible hours, no commute and the ability to work at your leisure, home-based work has been in increasing demand.

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Here are eight legit jobs you can do from home, courtesy of

1. Writer – If you have specialized knowledge in a field, you can use this knowledge to write for websites, blogs and periodicals., for example, was recently looking for content ranging from celebrity gossip to dairy-free cooking. Another option is to check out more focused sites, like, which reportedly pays $40 – $65+ for articles on golf topics.

There are also niche markets for technical, grant and curriculum writers – check out the website for more information if this type of writing is up your alley. More of a generalist? Don’t be discouraged; there are also opportunities for less technical or specialized work out there. According to, the hourly rate for at-home writers is $10.17 – $57.49.

2. Editor – Similar to writing jobs, requirements for editors span the spectrum of highly-specialized to general knowledge. Editors may engage only in content editing, management of writers and content, copyediting or proofreading, or may be responsible for a combination of these tasks. According to, recent part-time work-from-home listings for editors included technical, news and social media editing. The hourly rate for editing work from home spans $10.75 – $43.26

3. Tutor – If you have expertise in a field, why not turn it into a part-time job. These days you can tutor online, which is much more convenient than the traditional face-to-face set up. Think about tutoring for standardized tests (like the SAT, LSAT and GRE) and for traditional courses like English and calculus. Payscale found hourly pay for tutors to range from $9.69 – $40.32.

4. Bookkeeper – If you’re a natural at number crunching, think about looking for home-based opportunities as a bookkeeper. Turn your accounting experience and proficiency with Quickbooks and Microsoft Office into a moneymaker by helping clients or employers manage their money. You could be involved in payroll, monthly reporting, accounts payable and receivable and closing at the end of the year. The going hourly rate for at-home bookkeepers is $11.05 – $24.49 per Payscale.

5. Research Interviewer – This is perfect for people who enjoy talking on the phone. As a research interviewer, you help companies understand their customers’ experiences so the companies can improve their business. Check into companies like Nielson and Maritz CX. Payscale puts the going rate for research interviewers at $8.69 – $20.54 per hour.

6. Customer Service Representative – In this position, you may promote sales, give technical support, or take complaints. To work in this role from home, you will need good phone service and a headset, a quiet place to work, and a computer that meets employers’ processing and Internet requirements. Working in this area of customer service can get you $9.31 – $17.89 per hour, based on Payscale’s data.

7. Data Entry – If you have a tolerance for what some consider dull work, you can supplement your income as a data entry worker. You’ll need good typing skills, speed and accuracy, as well as a computer that meets your employer’s specifications. You can expect to make $9.18 – $15.76 an hour.

8. Stylist – Got an eye for fashion and décor? Make a profit while making other people look and feel great by providing fashion advice and personal shopping services through online platforms. Online services like Stich Fix, RocksBox and Bombfell all provide services for clients that center around fashion and styling. The hourly rate for an online stylist ranges from $15.03 – $15.24 per hour, according to

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