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This 82-Year-Old Retiree Will Make Your Jaw Drop

The Internet has been buzzing this week with a video of senior citizen and veteran, John Hetlinger, belting out a heavy metal tune on America’s Got Talent.

John is 82 years old, a retired navy pilot and aerospace engineer who worked as the program manager for the COSTAR instrument that repaired the famous Hubble space telescope. Amazing, right? In his free time, John loves to do karaoke. So he decided to take this hobby to the stage.

On Tuesday night, John’s surprising performance received a variety of reactions from the audience. The judges and viewers were all stunned to hear the screamo-hit, “Bodies” by Drowning Pool, John picked to perform on the show. But most everyone in the audience stood up to headbang along with the veteran.

John told Simon Cowell that this performance was the high point of his career. We’re just happy to see this retiree take on such an exhilarating challenge to pursue his hobby while ignoring any judgement from others.

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