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9 Habits That Hold You Back From Success

Why haven’t your best-laid plans delivered the kind of success you expected? Why didn’t you get that promotion? How come you missing your sales goal? Are you ever going to improve your triathlon time?

Why aren’t you succeeding when you have all the tools to get ‘er done? Maybe because you have built up a mental wall that actually keeps success out! Survey your mental property and see how many of these walls and fences you need to tear down, with a nod to

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1. Needing to be perfect. The most important part of any quest is getting started. If you constantly fret that your efforts won’t be perfect, you’ll never start. And holding yourself to perfection as a performance standard is corrosive to your self-image and confidence.

2. Waiting for luck. Make your own luck, the recipe is really simple: Take one unnoticed opportunity, mix it with preparation for just this moment, add lots of hard work, and viola! – a “lucky break.”

3. Needing approval. Successful people rarely act based on what others think. If they did, we’d still be living in mud huts and using leeches to cure illness. Heed your own drummer and don’t look back.

4. Thinking you can’t make a difference. The history of mankind is largely the story of individuals, both famous and little known, who made a difference. Find your spot, and take your shot at changing your immediate world, or the entire world. Be like Steve Jobs, whose goal in life wasn’t to be rich, but instead to “put a dent in the universe.”

5. Trying to please everyone. It can’t be done. So, focus on pleasing yourself and those who matter to you. And remember, displeasing some folks is often an indicator that you’re on the right track!

6. Obsessing over your weaknesses. Yes, yes, we know. You’re not great with people, or numbers, plants, or computers. Keep working on those things in your spare time while you rock the world with your considerable strengths. You know what makes you awesome – use it to the hilt.

7. Living in the past. See above. We’ve all made mistakes. You can learn and move on, or hold onto the past until it cripples you.

8. Making empty promises. Nothing builds a wall to success faster than damaging your reputation and credibility. Unfulfilled promises are toxic to both. Make your promises rare and 100% reliable. Word is bond.

9. Saying “I can’t.” I could fill the rest of this page with Facebook memes reminding you that what you think is what you get. You know the deal: If you think you can do it, you can. And vice versa.

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