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9 Ways To Earn Some Extra Cash In Retirement

One of the best parts of retirement is having serious time to devote to old hobbies and new endeavors.

What if you could put your talents and interests to work making a little extra cash? You can. Opportunities abound for retirees to keep busy and stash away a few bucks. After all, your many years of experience and hard work have given you skills that hold substantial value. No matter what you did for a living, retirement gives you the opportunity to leverage your talent in new ways.

Whether you’re already retired or just planning your adieu to traditional employment, take a look at the list below of 9 ways to earn a little extra coin in retirement.

1. Housesitting – You could earn $50 or more per day just for watering plants and keeping an eye on homes while folks are away. To find gigs like this, just start talking – word of mouth is the best way to let people know you’re available. You could also find opportunities on housesitting job portals, like

Got the travel bug? There may be international opportunities for housesitting. The perk? You get free accommodations in exchange for your services. Check out a site like to get started.

2. Pet Sitting – Who doesn’t love man’s furry (or feathered) friends? Pet sitting is a service that goes hand in hand with housesitting. Even better – if you watch multiple pets at a time, the going average of $20 per visit could really add up.

3. Walking Dogs – Retirees typically have more time during the day than their working counterparts. Think about helping out pet owners who spend long hours at the office each day. Dog walkers can make as much as $20 per hour, and the exercise is good for the dogs and the walker.  Take a few dogs for a stroll each day, and your wallet will thank you.

4. Renting Out a Room – This is the age of Airbnb. Travelers now look beyond hotels for accommodations. As a retiree, you may find that you have an extra room or two to spare. Put those extra rooms to work by renting them out to generate some cash.

5. Blogging or Writing – In today’s online world, there’s a vast array of specialty sites that need help with writing, editing and tracking down images and other content. Put your expertise to good use by blogging or writing online about what you know best.

6. Tutoring – Are you a physics guru? Fluent in French? Or maybe you just like helping kids learn. Whatever the case, there is always a need for tutors in specific subjects and for kids struggling with homework.

7. Teaching English – For travel lovers, teaching gigs are available around the world. Find one and you could end up financing your trip. More of a homebody? Folks also have the option of doing this job from the comfort of their living rooms via a good Internet connection.

8. Being Handy – Homeowners are always looking for help with plumbing problems and broken kitchen drawers. As a retiree, you can put all the tricks and repair tips you have learned over the years to work – and get paid for it.

9. Altering or Repairing Clothing – Some people can’t sew a button. And contrary to popular belief, people do still get their clothes mended. There’s nearly endless work for retirees who can stitch and sew. Start by advertising at your local dry cleaner to get started.

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