A Brave Butterfly Interrupts This Adorable Koala’s Photoshoot

If you’re a koala bear it’s hard to up your cuteness factor. But an Aussie koala named Willow and a brave butterfly recently combined to pull off that feat.

Video of a photo shoot featuring Willow at Australia’s Sybio Wildlife Park shows the daring bug horning in on Willow’s big day. The orange and black butterfly appears on a flower near where Willow is resting in a tree. Willow gets curious, batting a paw at the flower to see how her new friend will react. The bear becomes more daring and starts to nose at the insect.

The big finale comes when the butterfly perches on Willow’s nose. The bear doesn’t mind at all, and another koala even saunters over to check out Willow and the action. The butterfly stays on Willow’s nose as she moves her head to and fro, and at one point looks to be giving Willow a kiss.

The exchange between Willow and the butterfly is adorable, and perhaps nature’s best photo bomb to date.

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