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According To Science, Marrying The Right Person Will Make You More Successful

“Behind every great man is a great woman.”

It’s time to give that outdated saying a makeover, based on some new science reported in Inc. magazine.

Whom you choose to marry can have a huge impact on your success, according to researchers at Washington University in St. Louis.  People who are married to “conscientious partners” – individuals who are reliable and display good judgment — tend to earn more money, win more promotions and express higher job satisfaction.

Why?  In part because a “conscientious partner” (husband or wife) helps create a comfortable domestic life and handles many household duties, thus allowing their spouse to focus more on their professional life.  But most importantly, a conscientious partner is a good role model.  Their positive traits rub off on you over time, making you a better person.  Ideally, you do the same thing for your partner.

This doesn’t mean you should choose a mate solely to advance your career prospects – this isn’t Game of Thrones.  But, as the Inc. article points out, these findings offers lessons for all of us, even if we’re already married.  If both partners commit to using their natural strengths to support each other, a couple can grow into a killer team that achieves more of their individual and mutual goals.

So, let’s change that old saying to, “Along side every successful, supportive spouse is a successful, supportive spouse.”

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