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America’s Most Expensive And Over-The-Top Estate Just Hit The Market For $250 Million

Have you ever asked yourself why billionaires spend $100 million or more on their yachts, but only $30 million on a home? No? Me either. This question, though, was the impetus behind the design and construction of one of the most lavish (and, arguably, most garish) houses in America.

Located in posh and profligate Bel Air, the ultra-affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles’ Westside, this new 38,000-square-foot home is listed for a cool $250 million. This makes it the most expensive house ever to hit the market. What do you get for a quarter of a billion dollars? I thought you’d never ask.

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The short answer is excess. And then, more excess. This newly built mega house boasts 10 oversized guest suites, 21 bathrooms, five bars, two wine cellars, a gym, three gourmet kitchens, and three dining areas in the upstairs. Mosey downstairs and you’ll find a four-lane bowling alley, a 40-seat theater, and a $30 million auto gallery with 10 motorcycles and 12 cars. Scattered throughout are “curated” pieces of art and furniture, including a giant jewel encrusted camera sculpture and a $500,000 set of moving Seven Dwarfs images. Did I mention the helicopter on the roof?

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On to the next question: who is going to buy this monstrosity…er, house? It seems axiomatic that anybody who has had money for a long time knows better than to spend it on a $250-million house. This leads us to the parvenu. Yes, those beloved members of the nouveau riche who don’t know what to do with money besides tout it as status.

So, couch-sized bedazzled camera sculpture, anyone? In today’s world of overindulgence, there’s sure to be at least one taker. After all, it’s not about selling the house. It’s about selling the idea of a lifestyle.

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