Simon Cowell Believes This Girl Is The Next Taylor Swift

“Do you believe you can win?” Simon says to Grace before her performance. “Well, I mean miracles can happen so possibly.” she replies.

It takes a lot to shock the America’s Got Talent judges, especially the notorious Simon Cowell, but 12-year-old Grace VanderWaal did just that. Singer/songwriter Grace VanderWaal, from New York, received the coveted Golden Buzzer Tuesday night as confetti fell to the floor on America’s Got Talent. Grace performed a powerful, original song titled,  “I Don’t Know My Name” while playing the ukelele.

“I think you are a living, beautiful, walking miracle” Howie told the rising star.

Simon Cowell brings a huge smile to her face when he says, “Grace, you know what I predict for you? I think you are the next Taylor Swift.”

Grace experienced the emotional moment with her family as she walked off stage crying happy tears. Performing her own song in front of millions of viewers was a risky move but she was willing to take the chance. This 12-year-old girl sets a great example of how success comes to those who work hard to pursue their goals.

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