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Are Dead People Registering To Vote? The Media Sheds Light On Instances Of Voter Fraud

What’s the scariest episode of The Walking Dead? Could it be the one where deceased voters rise from the grave, stumble to their polling place and pull the lever for Hillary Clinton?

That could happen in several states, according to media reports, conservative commentators and watchdog groups. Voter fraud, they say, is real and taking place in several states.

In September, CBS News reported on multiple cases of fraud in Colorado, including that of a woman who died in 2009 but cast ballots in each of the next four years! Colorado’s Secretary of State is investigating the cases. The FBI is looking into reports that 20 dead people recently registered to vote in Virginia.

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While the dead have a long tradition of participating in our elections, they aren’t alone in gaming the system. The Washington Times, responding to the left’s tendency to dismiss voter fraud claims, recently listed 10 actual incidents of improper voter registration and voting. These ranged from 1,046 non-citizens successfully registering to vote in Virginia to as many as 700 Pennsylvanians voting twice. In Philadelphia, 86 illegal aliens were discovered to be voting. The state’s policy of mailing voter registration cards to every licensed driver may contribute to that problem.

Indiana State Police investigators believe someone may have added literally hundreds of bogus names to the Hoosier state’s voter roles.

Absentee balloting seem especially ripe for fraud. Texas is looking into charges of “vote harvesting” in which political operatives may have completed and mailed the absentee ballots of some Texans without the voter’s consent. Oklahoma is weighing charges against three people who mailed in absentee ballots but then voted in person again on Election Day. Inattentive poll workers in Wisconsin allowed three 17-year-olds to vote in that state’s Presidential Primary by failing to check birthdates on their ID.

So, does this mean Donald Trump is correct in saying the election system is “rigged?”

I’m not sure I’d go that far, but stories like this certainly make me raise an eyebrow and wonder what the heck is going on with our voter registration and election procedures.

I agree with Trump’s argument that you aren’t a country unless you can maintain legitimate borders. The same can be true of elections. We can’t be a real country unless we can maintain the integrity of our elections process.

This is primarily a local issue. Our state, county and city elections officials need to step up their game. If you agree, consider making your feelings known to the appropriate decision makers. If not you, who?

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