A Baby Rabbit And Pigeon Break Down A Dividing Wall To Be Together

The Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit in Ireland is currently home to a thriving friendship between two unlikely baby animals. These orphans both came into the rescue’s care separately.

The rabbit arrived first in early August and was so young that his umbilical cord was still attached, the foundation wrote on Facebook. He was not expected to make it as he was weak and in unstable condition. But this rabbit proved stronger than he looked because he continues to survive.

On August 12th, rescuers at the foundation got an interesting phone call. “We received a call from a lady who had found a pigeon’s nest on the ground,” Kildare wrote. “In it was a newly hatched chick and an unhatched egg. Sadly, the egg was cold and no longer viable, but the little chick appeared to be unharmed from the fall.”

The rescue this chick in but both the baby pigeon and rabbit were in need of an incubator and there was only one available at the time. It was decided that both babies could share the incubator with a divide separating the two animals.

“Both babies fed and settled down well,” the foundation wrote. “Imagine our foster carer’s surprise when she next checked them and discovered that the divide had been overcome and these two had decided that life together was better than life apart.”

Watch the cute videos of these two below.

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