‘Bad Lip Reading’ Makes The 2016 Democratic National Convention Worth Watching

Running for President is exhausting. But just following the crazy 2016 campaign as a voter has been even more taxing. If you need a break – and you surely do – pour a cup of coffee and enjoy five-and-a-half minutes of comedy gold, courtesy of the Bad Lip Reading crew. Their take on the Democratic National Convention just hit the internet and immediately set the web on fire.

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For the uninitiated, the Bad Lip Reading videos replace the participants’ actual comments with often absurd, always hysterical words that fit their mouth movements. Most BLRs use video from sports or political events. The anonymous creator of the internet phenomenon told The New York Times it takes him anywhere from days to months to produce a BLR video, which explains why the DNC edition was just released.

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Interesting side note: The creator says Mitt Romney is his favorite politician because Romney’s style of speaking and mannerisms make it easy to put funny words in his mouth.


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