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Bald Men Rejoice – You’re Actually Sexier Than You May Think

What do Patrick Stewart, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jeff Bezos have in common? Yes, they’re super successful. But they share another defining trait – they’re all bald.

Men who sport a cue-ball look often get a bad rap. Why? Who knows? But here’s some good news to share with your bald friends. Guys with bald heads are perceived as larger than life, according to new research.

A recent study by scientist Albert E. Mannes (who also just happens to be bald) examined how people react to men with shaved heads. He showed participants pictures of guys with hair intact, and then again with a clean-shaven head.

What did the viewers report? Across the board, the subjects said the bald men appeared more dominant, stronger, and even taller than their real-life selves.

But there is a distinction here – the men had to be completely bald. Guys with receding hairlines or bald spots were reported to appear less attractive and weaker than both their full-mane or clean-shaven counterparts.

Another study also found that bald men were estimated to be older, and therefore viewed as more intelligent and wiser.

One bald myth has been debunked, however. It was once believed that baldness correlated with increased testosterone and that bald men were more potent than men with hair. Not so, says science. Hair loss is actually caused by the hormone DHT.

Not to fear, many people still believe the testosterone thing, so men with no-hair styles remain sex symbols (think Michael Jordan, Jason Statham, and Bruce Willis). So, tell your bald friends to flaunt those smooth heads in all their glory, along with the masculinity and attractiveness that come with them.

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