Bottle-nosed dolphin “asks” divers to help free itself from hook

People often overlook research that has proven the great intelligence dolphins possess but this video is truly a wonderful reminder.

In this clip, a bottle-nosed dolphin was caught in a hook and fishing line restricting his movement and appears to approach some nearby divers for help. As soon as diver, Keller Laros, noticed that the dolphin was struggling he inspected the mammal and found the fishing gear lodged in his fin.

When the divers tried to remove the hook and line out of the dolphin’s fin, he allowed them and moved his body accordingly to make it easier for the divers to work out the debris.

This stunning footage of compassionate humans helping an animal in distress proves that the ocean is not a landfill. Litter, fishing gear, etc. are all pollution and can greatly harm the many habitats in our oceans.

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