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Can We Really Avoid All Things That Science Says Are Bad For Our Health?

Does anyone else remember when scientists reported that milk might cause cancer? Yes, milk – America’s morning breakfast staple and midnight snack cookie accompaniment. Luxurious, silky, nutrient-rich milk could be carcinogenic. You had to wonder if this was another case of fake news.

And as if we weren’t broken hearted enough, recent research linked cancer to eating bacon. Wait… delicious, fatty, salty bacon is bad for something other than our waistlines? Say it ain’t so.

We all know eating healthy and getting enough exercise is like insurance for longevity. Most of us are mindful of what we put in our bodies (and what we avoid), because we want to live long, health-rich lives. But can we avoid all things that science says are bad for our health?

We could try. Sure, we could steer clear of all indulgence foods. We could eat only the organic vegetables we grow in our raised bed gardens. Better yet, we could become vegan and chew on (pesticide-free) grass all day. Yes, we could, but most of us would probably be very sad.

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And let’s be honest, things that may compromise our health abound in our modern world – from household cleaners to industrial fumes to driving in a car. Many “health risks” are unavoidable. So where do we go from here?

As always, the answer is moderation. And a healthy sense of humor never hurt anyone.

Take a look at the video below that gives an A to Z overview of things that will kill us. More tongue-in-cheek than doom-and-gloom, this video gives a healthy perspective. While dangers abound, from too much alcohol to too much kale, the key is to live a satisfying life. As for me, I’ll be having a crisp BLT with a tall glass of milk for lunch. After all, we don’t live forever.

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