Thanks To A New Cat Wine, You Have A New Drinking Buddy

Americans spend $60 billion a year on pets, and that’s before the critters had a bar tab. I suspect that spending is about to go up.

Cat wine, a non-alcoholic catnip-based beverage, is now available courtesy of a Denver-based company called Apollo Peak. Their Pinot Meow and MosCATo vintages go for $12 a bottle or $5 for a smaller “tasting” size serving. Apollo is working on getting their feline vino into pet stores, but for now, you’ll need to get Mr. Snuggles hooch from their website.

cat wine

Catnip is a plant in the mint family. For reasons still not understood, smelling catnip drives many cats into goofy spasms of ecstasy. Interestingly, tasting the plant tends to have the opposite effect — it mellows out the kitty. So, cat wine is perfect for when your feline friends just want to relax on the deck after a long week of napping and being aloof. Credit to Apollo Peak for noting on their website that only about 65% of cats are sensitive to catnip. The rest might enjoy lapping up the “pinot,” but it won’t have any affect on them.

Somehow, I doubt that will slow sales. On the contrary, I fully expect to see dog bourbon on the market by Christmas.

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