Cher and James Corden mock millennials in a modern version of the classic hit “I Got You Babe”

America is a deeply divided country, as we were reminded on Election Day. But one thing we can all agree on – it’s fun to mock the Millennial generation.

Late night talk host James Corden took that sport to a new level recently by singing an updated version of the Sonny and Cher classic, “I Got You, Babe,” with none other than Cher.

The song, “I Got You, Bae,” mocks Millenials’ difficulty in creating romantic relationships and tendency to court via text, dating apps and smartphones. Bae is a favorite Millenial term of endearment. Among my favorite lines, “They say we’re young and we don’t know how to find love without your phone.” And, “I got you to be my date, I got you to sext me late.”

Whether or not you find this parody amusing, it’s worth watching the video just to hear belt out this iconic number. She’s still got it!

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