How One Child Was Able To Lift The Spirits Of His Local Police Department

In light of all the negative news about police lately, this story is a great reminder that cops really can be the good guys.

3-year-old, Joshua Collins, believes all police officers are super-heroes. Josh has developed a connection between his favorite super-hero, Batman, and the police force. In his eyes, officers are real life super-heroes who drive bat mobiles, work in a bat cave and use walkie-talkies to communicate with Batman himself.

“To him everything is Batman related,” Officer Todd Johnston says, “the Bat Belt, the Bat Cave here and he got to talk on the radio and it was a really big deal to him and our Chief’s philosophy is community policing and anytime you can get children involved in a positive aspect, it’s a great thing.”

In this video, Josh meets his true idols.

The police department thanked Joshua and his mother for “their awesome enthusiasm and for keeping our officers’ spirits up during this time of negativity toward law enforcement.”

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