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Company converts recycled shipping containers into cool backyard swimming pools

Shipping containers, those huge steel boxes used to carry cargo across the seas, are the hot new trend for cooling off.

ModPools, a Canadian company operating out of Australia, sells movable swimming pools fashioned from shipping containers. The versatile swimmin’ holes can be deployed in a variety of styles to suit your yard and lifestyle. You can install it above ground and build in decks, go completely in-ground, or situate it partially in the ground behind retaining walls. The sturdiness of the shipping container construction means that if you relocate, you can take your pool with you.

The Modpool is easy to install and offers modern technological conveniences, including the ability to control the water jets, temperature, and lighting from your smartphone. Each pool arrives ready to use – pool equipment and a high-tech Ultraviolet water cleaning system come already installed. All you need to do is prep your pool area, access your gas and power supply, and you’re ready to swim.

Want to get on board with this hot new trend? It won’t set you back as much as you may think. The Modpool is cheaper than many other pools, priced at about $27,000 for an 8’x20’ shipping container. Why not go for it, and have a summer’s worth of fun shipped your way?

All photos courtesy of Modpool.

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