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Could You Have $300 Hidden In Your Couch Cushions?

In my house, we keep all of our change in a big clear jar on the bedroom dresser. At the end of the day, we empty our pockets and drop in any change that has managed to find its way into our home. Since change can sometimes feel like a hassle, it’s not very often that I give that jar a second glance.

After learning this, though, I’ll be taking a hard look through that change jar once I get home.

There are some coins currently in circulation that are worth way more than you’d suspect! Here’s what to looks for:

1943 Steel Pennies

Just a couple of years before World War II ended, the Federal Reserve printed steal pennies in order to conserve copper for the war efforts. Today, these pennies are actually worth $10 each!



Kansas Grease Smudge Quarters

Due to a Kansas pressing machine’s issue with a little extra grease, these rare quarters seem to read, “In God We Rust,” and they’re now worth $100 each!



Benjamin Franklin Half Dollars

From 1948 to 1963, these half dollars were printed with Benjamin Franklin’s face. They’re now worth $125 each!



2004-D Wisconsin “Extra Leaf” Quarters

While this is one of the younger coins on this list, if you look closely at the front left leaf on the corn husk, you’ll notice it has an extra line. That small differentiator makes this quarter worth $300!



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