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Country fans won’t want to miss Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson’s breathtaking duet

Think of country music legends and certain names come to mind: Twitty, Cline, Cash, Lynn and Nelson. These last two, Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson, have reunited after thirty years and the result is amazing.

Just last week, a music video featuring the Coal Miner’s Daughter and the Red-Headed Stranger was released. Lynn and Nelson teamed together to perform Lynn’s “Lay Me Down,” a song featured on her new album “Full Circle.” The video, shot at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, was the first time the two old friends had appeared on stage together since 1985 when they performed together at the Farm Aid benefit concert.

While time has passed since then, Lynn reported that working with her long-time friend Nelson was just like old times. The songstress said that Nelson is one of those people who, even though it’s been three decades, can make you feel like it was just yesterday that you saw each other.

Despite the years, the two didn’t skip a beat. They joined their voices and hearts for a stunning rendition of “Lay Me Down.”

While it seems like new music videos come along every week, and we watch them and go about our day, this is not that kind of video. In Lynn and Nelson’s new video, you get a stunning glimpse of two of country music’s biggest stars performing a breathtaking duet.

Give this new video a look and a listen yourself. It just might bring a tear to your eye.

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