This Couple Did A Photoshoot Inspired By The Notebook After Their 57th Wedding Anniversary

Clemma and Sterling Elmore have been married for 57 years. And on September 2nd they did an adorable photoshoot inspired by The Notebook.

The photographer said, “This was a photo shoot for Clemma and Sterling and their family,” she said. “It started as an idea suggested by a friend to take photos of Clemma and Sterling. I then thought the Notebook theme would fit them perfectly because they have such sweet love. It makes my heart happy to be able to give them these memories.”

They even brought along a book filled with old photos from their marriage and notes they’d written to each other to use in the shots.

Clemma told ABC News that one day they were listening to a man asking a woman to marry him on a radio show. And Clemma then decided to repeat the question to Sterling.

When he said yes, she thought ‘Oh, did he mean that?’ “I didn’t want to ask him. I wanted him to ask me.”

But it didn’t matter because they got married the next Saturday.

Photos via Facebook: Mary Ellen Photography

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