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Cyndi Lauper Teams Up With AARP To Remind Us That Age Is Only A Number

What’s the key to staying active and vibrant as we age? Good genes? Very helpful. The right fitness regimen. That’s good, too. But the true key is having the right mindset.

That old saying, “You’re only as old as you think you are,” is absolutely true.

As singer Cyndi Lauper reminds in this AARP video, it’s a huge mistake to accept society’s notions of how older people should or should not conduct their lives. Most of these limits are based on long-outdated stereotypes of senior citizens – on the false notion that they are frail, fixed in their beliefs and just want peace and quiet.

“You can’t be told what you have to do at a certain age,” says Lauper. “Because if you have that against you, you will feel defeated before you start. You have to listen to your inner self.”

If your 68-year-old inner self tells you to start a business, go back to school or take up hang gliding, do it! You are the CEO of your life, and no successful CEO allows outsiders to dictate his company’s actions.

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Lauper isn’t the first entertainer to remind her peers that age is a state of mind. In the 1950’s Jimmy Durante sang, “Don’t you know it’s worth every treasure on Earth to be young at heart? Everything can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re amongst the very young at heart.”

Great advice from stars across the generations.

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Cover Image: AARP

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