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Dental Insurance Is Becoming Crucial To Overall Employee Benefit Strategies

While employers look to focus on the diverse needs of their employee, where exactly on the priority list does offering dental insurance to employees fall?

Outside of medical and vision, dental insurance is at the top of employees’ list for most desired benefits. Providing dental insurance is not mandatory, but it is a crucial benefit that entrepreneurs and business owners need to prioritize when trying to meet the needs of their workforce.

According to MetLife’s 2017 Employee Benefit Trends Study, 70 percent of all generations agreed that dental is essential to determining whether they will take a position with a company.


When it comes to someone’s overall health, dental insurance ensures that your employee’s oral health is addressed. Gum disease has been shown to be a precursor for several cardiac issues.

Also according to MetLife’s study, dental has become a key component to a complete wellness strategy as employees continue to look to the workplace for a more holistic wellness support system. This trend is mainly due to employees with proper dental care are less likely to have larger health complications.

People without dental benefits reported higher frequencies of other illnesses. Employees were 67 percent more likely to have heart disease and 29 percent more likely to have diabetes. This increase in reported illness also has a major effect on employee productivity. 33 percent of workers reported their productivity at work suffered from having to postpone medical or dental care due to the cost.

There has also been a growing trend for employers to start offering multiple dental options, in the same way, they offer health plans, to give employees more choice from several plans to meet their specific needs.

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