Disabled vet had trouble finding a job because of his service dog. So, Lowe’s hired them both

A Texas Lowe’s store is basking in well-deserved praised for making an unusual double hire.

Earlier this year, the store hired a dog named Charlotte – and her owner disabled Air Force veteran Clay Luthy. Charlotte is a 10-year-old Golden Retriever service animal.  Her job at Lowe’s is to help Clay while he helps customers.

Clay, 35, was a loadmaster on C-130 cargo planes, manhandling heavy cargo on and off planes. In the course of his work he blew out both knees and has endured five surgeries. He can’t bend his left knee and can only slowly bend down on his right leg. One of Charlotte’s duties is to help Clay stand up after he gets down to check a lower shelf or get something off the floor.

Charlotte has become something of a store mascot. Customers are constantly stopping to pet her and talk to Clay. The canine clerk sports a Lowe’s vest that Clay made for her.

She wanders the aisles on her own, greeting customers sweetly while constantly keeping an eye on Clay, who does most every job in the store.

A customer recently posted a pic of Clay and Charlotte and it instantly went viral, scoring more than 230,000 shares and several news stories.

While Clay is just starting his career at Lowe’s, Charlotte is about to retire as a service dog. Her replacement, a six-month-old Golden named Lola is being trained in Clay’s home, where he lives with his wife and kids.

What a great, great story! Kudos to Lowe’s. I wish Clay and his family a great Christmas. And I hope Charlotte is a happy retiree!

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