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Emma Morano, the oldest woman alive, shares her secrets to a long life

The oldest woman alive recently turned 117. Italian-born Emma Morano came into the world on November 29, 1899.

What’s the secret to her longevity? Ms. Morano attributes her supercentenarian status to two things: going to bed early and being single. Since leaving an abusive husband in 1938, Ms. Morano has remained unattached. And she’s loved it.

Ms. Morano’s doctor admits he’s shocked by how long she’s lived. She hasn’t really taken any special precautions at all. For instance, she’s always eaten very few vegetables or fruit. Instead of leafy greens, her thing is raw egg – since she was 20, Ms. Morano has eaten two raw eggs a day. Now, her daily diet consists of those two raw eggs a day, maybe an omelet, and sometimes cookies. Oh, and she doesn’t eat meat; she thinks it will give her cancer.

Ms. Morano admits she also enjoys nips of brandy. That reminds me of another woman who passed the 110-year-old mark, Agnes Fenton of New Jersey.

According to Ms. Fenton, she started a daily diet of booze about 70 years ago when a doctor said her only serious health problem was a benign tumor. His advice to her: “Drink three Miller High Lifes a day.” Ms. Fenton heeded that advice and added in a glass of whiskey each day for good measure.

These days, both women are still going strong, despite not adhering to what most folks would consider a health-conscious lifestyle. While Ms. Morano touts being single and sleep as her keys to long life, Ms. Fenton believes it’s been her faith in God and popping her daily “champagne of beers.”

Skeptical? Sure you are. But these women have made it past the centenarian mark, and I haven’t yet, so it’s probably worth deferring to their expertise on this one.

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