This Father Took Unusual Action To Find His Son A Wife

This is the definition of cringe-worthy.

The father of a Salt Lake City businessman recently placed a newspaper ad seeking a potential bride for his 48-year-old son.

The ad features a picture of the son, Baron Brooks, and lists qualifying criteria for candidates, including an ability and willingness to have children ASAP. The would-be Mrs. Brooks must also be politically conservative, attractive and comfortable living in Salt Lake City.

The $900 ad ran in the Coeur d’Alene Press and says finalists will be flown to a resort in that Idaho town for interviews and chaperoned dating. Brooks thinks his dad chose the Idaho newspaper because both father and son are very conservative and Idaho is known for its right-leaning population.

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Baron Brooks, who owns two health food stores, says about 12 women have responded to the ad. Brooks was initially embarrassed by the stunt, but now figures “it can’t hurt.” He says his 78-year-old dad desperately wants grandkids. Baron describes his dad as “neurotic” and similar to Larry David’s character on the TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm.

“That’s my dad: stumbles into stuff, has a loud mouth, thinks he does the right thing, and then it all blows up in his face,” Brooks told CBS.

I love Baron’s loving response to his dad’s kookiness. It was coming from a good place. And who knows? Maybe something will come from it. Stranger things have happened in the age of dating apps and TV shows like The Bachelor!

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