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This Fearless 90-Year-Old Proved That ‘You’re Never Too Old To Follow Your Dreams’

Dorothy Williams, 90, from Hawaii, performed a unique act on this week’s America’s Got Talent. This fearless widow wanted, “…to prove that you’re never too old to follow your dreams” when she stepped up on the stage last night.

Williams put on a special burlesque performance to fulfill her dreams of becoming a star. She began dancing at 17 and even joined a traveling chorus line but she never found the fame she was looking for until last night.

After her performance, the judges gave her a standing ovation and Williams couldn’t have looked happier with the response.

Heidi Klum deemed the performance “really, really special” and said it put her in a good mood. Howie Mandel found Williams inspiring and could tell that she’s a star. As for Simon Cowell, he said he found the 90-year-old widow “fascinating” and his reactions suggest the same.

Nick Cannon passed the new star straight to the live performance round by pressing the fifth golden buzzer on the last audition show.

Watch the video below to see the moment this 90-year-old woman successfully achieved her lifelong goal of becoming a star. You may be inspired to do the same.

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