Fifty-year-old goat farmer films himself dancing to Sia, but wait until you hear his heartwarming story

Which of these doesn’t belong?

  1. Viral video
  2. Silky hip-hop dance moves
  3. Fifty-year-old goat farmer

The answer is actually D) They all go together – at least this one time.

Jay Lavery is on the verge of breaking the internet with a video he made dancing to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” while doing chores in the barn of his Upstate New York goat farm. The four-minute film starts with Lavery sweeping up as his goats watch. As the music begins to move him, Jay begins slidin’ and glidin’ with the broom. Eventually, he busts into a full-on dance routine.

While Lavery made the video for laughs – to give friends relief from the grind of political and world news – there is a serious message in his moves. Lavery suffered a serious back injury 15 years ago and underwent several back surgeries. Over the years he has used yoga, meditation and dancing to alleviate his pain. Lavery’s obvious joy as he frolics through the barn prompted hundreds of back-pain sufferers to post comments on his Facebook page thanking him for the inspiration.

It seems Jay Lavery is raising more than goats on that farm. He’s also growing hope.

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