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You May Have A Fortune Sitting In The Basement

Think investing in collectible comics is… odd?

Check out what people are asking for certain vintage Disney VHS tapes.

“Black Diamond” versions of such Disney classics as “Cinderella,” “Bambi” and “Beauty and the Beast” have apparently become hot commodities with Disney collectors. Several tapes in the series are listed on eBay for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. There’s a copy of “Cinderella listed for $2,500, a “Fox and the Hound” tape at $8,000 price, and a “Beauty and the Beast” posted for $10,999.

Think you might have one or two of these in the basement? It’s possible. Check the plastic case for a small black diamond that says “the classics” in white print. Collectors value these specific tapes because they were Disney’s first effort to sell video directly to consumers. They contain original versions of the classic films, which were sometimes modified in later releases. To Disney geeks, the tapes are like first editions of classic books.

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Before you tear apart the attic or beat yourself up for giving away all those Disney tapes when your kids hit high school, you should know this is a very wobbly market. None of the tapes I mentioned have sold yet. In fact, some have zero bids. But a copy of “Beauty and the Beast” does appear to have sold for $9,000 on the auction site.

So, while you probably don’t want to add Disney tapes to your investment portfolio, it’s good to know that you can probably get more than a $1 a piece for them at your yard sale.

Please note: We are simply reporting this information. We are not collectors and have no further information on where you can sell these.

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