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Hero Military Dog Saves Special Forces Soldiers From ISIS Fighters

The U.S. has been hammering ISIS fighters for months with billions of dollars worth of advanced weaponry.  But the terrorists recently got a too-up-close look at one of our most ferocious and cost-effective weapons – a $40,000 military dog.

The canine and his handler were patrolling with British Special Forces soldiers in Northern Iraq when a homemade bomb damaged their vehicle.  When the smoke cleared, the Brits found themselves pinned down by some 50 ISIS fighters. The American dog handler released his Alsatian who rocketed straight for the closest terrorist, dodging fire all the way.  The dog bit one fighter repeatedly in the neck and face, and mangled the arms and legs of another.  As the pup was going tearing up the bad guys, U.S. jets arrived and drove off the rest of the terrorists.   The Alsatian was unhurt and returned to his handler with his tail wagging.

While I’ve never been in combat, I can attest to the loyalty and protective skill of dogs like this Alsatian.  After a break-in at our home when my wife was pregnant, I bought a highly trained German shepherd to protect my home and family.  Josie has been amazing.  Luckily, we’ve never seen her in action, and I doubt we ever will – just her presence (and bark) is better than any home security system!

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