Heroes don’t always wear a cape. This good Samaritan paid for a Texas teacher’s classroom supplies.

As the school year was getting ready to begin, Sabrina Drude, a 7th-grade teacher in San Antonio, Texas, went to a local Wal-Mart to purchase some school supplies for her classroom. After the cashier rang her up to $97 the man in line behind her decided to pay for it instead.

Lester Brown, a father of five, pastor, and re-entry specialist for the Texas Juvenile Justice Department said he felt God in that moment.

“I remember I had this hundred-dollar bill with the intention of responding to something in need, and God said to respond,” Brown said.

He did have one request, “I challenge you, whatever it is you can afford, to volunteer at a school, help a family.” He reminds us all that we can all play a part in making a difference.

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