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9 Home Updates You Should Make Every 10 Years

There’s a lot of truth in the saying that you don’t own a home, it owns you.

But a house also brings tremendous benefits to your life and finances. So, it pays to take care of your master. Here are 9 household issues you should address every 10 years to maintain your home’s value and to avoid nasty surprises.

Replace the hot water heater. There’s a good chance you won’t know your water tank is ailing until it dumps 40 gallons of water onto the basement floor. Hot water heaters typically last about 10 years. Replacing yours early avoids unexpected failure, and allows you the chance to install a more energy efficient model.

Update the ceiling fans. This is mostly an appearance thing. Pro tip: The brass and cane look went out of style sometime in the George H. W. Bush administration.

Repaint. You probably repaint interior spaces about every 3-5 years. But if the outside of your home hasn’t seen a brush in a decade, it’s time to start collecting paint chips. Ditto for lesser-used interior rooms that have avoided a makeover.

Re-glaze windows. If your home is old enough to have glazed windows, consider re-glazing them as part of that exterior paint job.

Get a new dishwasher. Replacing a decade-old dishwasher allows you boost energy efficiency and avoid an untimely collapse, which will probably happen on the holiday when you are hosting your spouse’s entire extended family for dinner.

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Re-caulk the bathroom. Re-caulking the sink, tub and shower prevents potentially destructive leaks and brightens up the room. This is an easy weekend DIY project.

Replace the washer/dryer. These appliances last an average of eight years. Replacing them about that time is another opportunity to reduce your energy usage.

Get a new garbage disposal. You can expect 10-12 years of life from a garbage disposal. But as it ages, the disposal’s blades can dull, dramatically reducing their effectiveness.

Replace the carpet. Given the daily beating carpets take, it’s amazing the stuff lasts an average of 10 years. Well, that’s how long people tend to keep it – no matter how ratty it looks. Don’t be that guy. New wall-to-wall will make a huge difference in your home’s appearance. It will even return that “new house smell” that you remember from looking at the model home.

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