A Homeless Teen Biked 6 Hours To Get To College. What Happened Next Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.

Fred Barley, a 19-year-old homeless teen, will do anything to go to college and prepare for his future.

In the heat of the Georgia summer, Barley biked 6 hours from Conyers to Barnesville to register for his second semester of college. He carried all of his belongings and two gallons of water in two duffel bags as made his way to campus.

When he arrived at Gordon State College he pitched his tent and prepared to spend the next few weeks there until the dorms opened in August. The only thing he had to eat was a box of cereal.

It wasn’t long before someone reported him but when the officers found the teen sleeping in his tent they decided to listen to his story instead of giving him a ticket. He told the officers he was a biology major and dreamed of going to medical school one day.

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Without hesitation, the officers booked Barley a room at the local motel for the next two nights. Later that day, the officers wife posted Barley’s story on Facebook and hundreds of people offered support through donations and a GoFundMe page, which has now raised over $37,000.

People have donated clothes, school supplies, shoes, a new bike and are working on getting him a car. People have also stepped up to take care of his dental and medical needs.

Now Barley is able to stay in the motel until he can move into the dorms early on Monday and was offered a job at a local pizzeria as a dishwasher.

barleyFred With His Employer. Photo Courtesy Of wsbtv.com

On Thursday, Barley recorded a video message to thank everyone who has helped him.

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