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How Focusing On One Idea Drives You Toward Success

When it comes to idea generation, my brain is like a four-year-old on a sugar high. Like most entrepreneurial people, I’m constantly coming up with new ideas to help my clients and grow my business.

And, like most entrepreneurial people, I need to understand that I shouldn’t pursue every one of these utter brilliant ideas. Focus is an often overlooked but critical element of business success, as entrepreneurship blogger Christy Wright reminds us.

Chasing multiple entrepreneurial ideas at once is a recipe for mediocre (at best) results. Business success is never achieved without tons of passion, attention and countless hours of work. Attempting to build two, three, five enterprises dilutes that passion and attention, and leaves all your baby businesses starving.

Oh, and “tick-tock.” Despite all the recent chatter about the productive power of getting up at 4:45am, there are only so many hours in the day. In all likelihood, you need to devote at least some of those hours to loved ones and other responsibilities.

Small entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who need to remember this lesson.   The first thing Steve Jobs did upon returning as CEO of Apple was to eliminate numerous product lines to allow the company to get back to its core business of computers.

What’s your core business? Decide which one of your many ideas most resonates with you, and makes best use of your talents. Then set yourself up for success by focusing all your resources – time, money, energy, creativity, passion – on that single business.

All those other ideas? And the ones you’ll have tomorrow, and the next day? Write ‘em down in a notebook that you keep in a drawer. You can think about them once you’ve achieved world domination with your current business.

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