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How The 2016 Presidential Election Will Impact Healthcare

The upcoming election is about more than building walls and providing free college. The future prospects of several industry sectors could be very specifically impacted by the outcome of the 2016 races.

I recently spoke to Strategas Partners Director of Policy Research Daniel Clifton about how the healthcare industry might be affected by the November results.

Trump Wins:  Obamacare would undergo significant change if Republicans score a sweep.  But a full repeal is unlikely, according to Clifton.  Instead, look for a victorious GOP to repeal the individual and employer insurance mandates.  That would be a negative for hospitals and HMO-type managed care providers.  Both have seen increased use under Obamacare. Republicans would also use their control to repeal the medical device tax, thus boosting companies like Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic .

Clinton Wins:  The pharmaceutical industry faces the greatest challenge from a possible Clinton administration, according to Clifton.  Democrats are pushing for price controls on medications, and might prioritize that initiative if thy win the White House, Senate and House of Representatives.  The industry is already fighting a California price control ballot initiative that, if victorious in November, could spread to other states.



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