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How To Work More YOU Time Into Your Crazy Schedule

As a financial planner, I always encourage people to “pay themselves first,” which means setting aside money for savings before addressing other obligations and indulgences.

I wish we could do the same with time, don’t you?  We’re all pulled in so many directions by our personal and professional commitments that we rarely have time to take care of ourselves.  Women, who still carry most of the weight on the home front, are particularly starved for me-time.

But we need to find time for ourselves!  That’s not selfish, it’s smart.  Tending to ourselves is necessary to our health, and makes us better at meeting our responsibilities at home and work.

Here’s a list of ways for women to nurture themselves in those moments they can find in their crazy day, courtesy of  Guys, I’m sure you can think of comparable activities.  Love to hear them!

If you have:

5 minutes:  Wash your face.  A good wash and exfoliation can be revitalizing.

10 minutes:  Go for a walk.  It will boost your energy, clear your mind and elevate your mood.  Do it everyday and, hey! you have an exercise plan going!

30 minutes:  Paint your nails.  It’s stress relieving and makes you feel good about your appearance.

One Hour:  Take a bubble bath or get a massage.  Feel the tension fade away.

Two Hours:  Read, write, shop, take a nap.

Find some time this week to spend on YOU.  Your mind and body will thank you, and so will the people in your life.

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