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IBM Charges TSA $1.4M for an App, Indian Developer Recreates it in 4 Minutes


You may remember Ronald Reagan’s audit of Pentagon spending in the 1980’s that exposed $640 toilet seats, $660 ashtrays, $7,600 coffee-makers, and $74,000 ladders. “Our attack on waste and fraud in procurement—like discovering that $436 hammer—is going to continue,” Reagan says, “but we must have adequate military appropriations.”

Well, that didn’t work. It was revealed last week that the TSA paid IBM $336,413.59 of a $1.4 million contract to deliver a tablet app that randomly displays an arrow pointing left or right to manage passenger flow through airport security checks.

Upon learning of this obscene expenditure, Indian software developer and former IBM employee Sandesh Suvarna took to YouTube to demonstrate how easily built the app in question really was.

It took him all of 4 minutes to code. So according to the government’s math, Suvarna’s hourly consulting rate should be $5,046,203.85. Trust me when I say that Sandesh Suvarna can retire sooner than he thinks.

Check out Suvarna’s video if you feel a little nerdy.

Check out the Freedom of Information Act details here.

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