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If You Are A Customer Of This Wireless Carrier, Your Movie Tickets Just Got Cheaper

I’ll be honest. I don’t see a lot of grown-up movies in the theatre these days. By the time we pay a babysitter, buy two tickets and hit the concession stand for an $8 popcorn, it can easily cost us $80 to see a movie.

But if you’re an AT&T wireless customer who doesn’t mind a weeknight date night, movies just got a little cheaper. The company’s Ticket Twosdays rewards program offers customers buy-one-get-one-free movies tickets for Tuesday showings.

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To see what shows are available in your area, go to the Ticket Twosdays and enter your AT&T mobile number. You will quickly receive a text message with a list of eligible movies and theatres. Buy tickets immediately or within six days of getting the text. Customers can use this reward once a week, but the number of tickets is limited. Also, your account must be current in order for you to score this BOGO deal.

This is just one of many such customer perks that may be available to you. For example, your Bank of America credit or debit card will get you into 150 museums across the country for free during the first weekend of the month. One of my local utility companies offers me free tickets to the Atlanta Braves and other attractions once a year.

Are these huge savings? No, but if that free ticket offsets the price of a Coke and a box of Goobers, it’s worth jumping through a few hoops.

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